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Announcing Constellation

Today, as Searchable.ai announces our new unified data platform Constellation, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the journey we’ve taken to get here. 

Seeking to Create Value

Like most founders, we created our startup with the intention of solving problems and building something that people find useful. From the very beginning, we wanted to build something that truly makes people’s lives easier. That drive to provide real value is what has kept us motivated to solve a problem that millions of knowledge workers encounter daily. 

The Opportunity

We noticed that work files and data were increasingly fragmented in various devices, apps, and services. Have you ever found yourself jumping from app to app to stitch together the info you need for a project or a customer? Many people experience this pain often; we certainly did. 

The more we dug into the problem, the more we felt the need for a unified solution for productivity, a need that would only get more pressing over time. We found analogous solutions in public web search, with the massive data platforms built by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. We also saw similarities with enterprise data analytics, "big data solutions," and data warehouses, as tech platforms like Snowflake and Databricks enabled new insights to be extracted from huge amounts of transactional and historical data. 

The Solution

We felt we could build a similar solution for knowledge workers and their teams. First, we identified productivity files as the most common unit of work: spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. Over 1 trillion of these files are created each year! But how were we going to connect to these disparate services and enable a better way for people to find what they need?  

One option is a federated approach where search queries are handed off to the various apps that people use and pull the results back. Some public web search engines employed this metasearch in their earliest incarnations. 

But to ensure responsive search performance and build the productivity platform we envisioned, we were intentional and diligent. We designed patented search technology and a robust infrastructure to ingest, parse, index, and sync files from devices, cloud storage, communications apps, and cloud services. We initially set out to build our platform as a unified document search product, which we debuted at the end of 2021 to significant interest. I’m proud to say that we're now managing tens of millions of users' documents in a privacy-safe, secure environment. 

To truly help our users get more work done faster, we knew that we had to support more data types. Knowledge workers use a variety of common file types—Word, Excel, Google Sheets and Docs, PDFs, and PowerPoint—but they also rely on troves of data stored in various SaaS applications. From project management apps like Asana, Smartsheet, Jira, and Monday.com to design apps like Figma or code repositories like GitHub, or even CRM tools like Salesforce or HubSpot, workers have information stored in dozens of disparate places.

Announcing Constellation - the First Unified Data Platform for Productivity

Because we invested in creating a robust data and search platform, we have been able to integrate structured SaaS data directly into our platform with minimal friction. We call our platform Constellation because, across a universe of apps, it allows users to bring their work data together in an elegant way. And we took the time to build for scale. We tackled the design of Constellation the way you’d create a strong foundation for a house—strong enough to support what’s here now, as well as the additions we’ll make in the future. 

So today, we’re proud to announce Constellation as the world’s first unified data platform for productivity. We are even more proud of our team, led by co-founders Nick Martin and Hung Nguyen, tech/product leaders Matt Christen, April Dagonese, Evan Lin, and Mostafa Mirshekari, and the entire crew that created Constellation and the Searchable.ai product. Their dedication to creating something that will enable people to achieve more has helped us punch above our weight as a startup. 

You’ll hear more from us about new capabilities built on top of Constellation. But today, we wanted to take a moment to share a little about what we’ve been working so hard to create. 


With gratitude, 

Brian Shin

Co-founder, Searchable.ai