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How to Start with Searchable.ai

Quickly get moving on your projects and tasks with Searchable.ai. Our knowledge-sharing platform can help you and your team stay on track by efficiently surfacing critical information from across all the apps and software you use. Find, organize, and share what you need in one unified view. 

We integrate with popular apps so you can search for anything from one place. Whether you’re looking for documents, presentations, emails, Asana and Slack attachments, Jira issues, or anything else, you’re just a few clicks away with Searchable.ai. 

Here’s how to get going with Searchable.ai: 

Create an account + download the free app

Work on a web browser: Create an account here. You can start connecting apps and using Searchable.ai right from your web browser.

Work on your desktop: Searchable.ai is also compatible with both macOS and Windows as a desktop app. Download it here for free. With this desktop version, you can sync your local files in addition to your web apps.

Connect your apps and local drive

To connect an app, click Settings on the bottom of the left-hand bar, and hit the +Add New App button to get to the All Apps page. 

Have multiple work or personal accounts? Connect all the additional accounts you want to create your ideal workspace–there’s no limit! 

We work on adding new apps all the time. At the moment, we integrate with: 

Use intuitive filters to narrow down your search in a flash 

Filter your results by particular apps. Click one or more apps in the left-hand sidebar to view files only from those selected apps.

You can also filter by one or more file types. For instance, if you know you’re looking for a documents, select "Documents" from the filters to remove all other file types.

Once you get your ranked results, you can also sort by relevance, alphabetical order, and date.

Skim and preview results 

Search results come with additional information, like channel location for Slack files or assignee name for Asana documents to help you skim and identify the right file or resource.

With our preview feature, you can click on a search result to see inside a file without actually opening it. You can also search within the file to isolate the exact information you’re looking for.

Open or download result  

Find what you need? Hit Open File to access it in its original location, whether it lives in your downloads folder, Slack, Google Drive or anywhere else.

You can also access shortcuts from hovering over any search results. Click on the first icon to open up a file.

And that’s it! Your search is over. A great workday awaits.

Take Searchable.ai for a spin or login here.