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Why Searchable

It starts simple enough. A coworker slacks you and asks for a document you’re supposedly the owner of. You’re working on a presentation and need some figures you saw in an email somewhere. So you stop what you’re doing—disrupting your focus and your workflow, to dig through emails, local files, and cloud storage apps to find that document or answer you need. 

We do this multiple times a day, dozens of times a week. (The modern knowledge worker tab-surfs and file-hunts up to 20% a work week.) And we never question it—wondering why we feel so scattered during the work day and if perhaps there is a better way to find the information we need.

Our Solution

We made Searchable to solve our own frustrations. As friends and former colleagues, we all kept running into the same problem, no matter the workplace or the industry, from government organizations to tech companies to ad agencies. And remote work during the pandemic has only exacerbated this issue, with more and more files shared digitally across platforms. 

Enter: Searchable. Much like how the internet and its access to public knowledge have transformed the way we learn, we envision Searchable.ai as a unified intelligence layer that helps us access our files and documents to remodel the way we work. Think of it as your personal search engine.

What It Is

Searchable.ai is your personal, unified search hub for your documents—no matter where they are stored. No more tab-surfing or file-hunting or recreating lost files. In one place, you can search across all your apps, all at once, whether you’re looking for an email attachment, an Excel spreadsheet, a Google doc, or a PDF that someone Slacked you somewhere.

How It Works

To create a sophisticated search engine for our documents, we’ve been working with some of the most talented engineers and search experts for over two years. Employing machine learning models and artificial intelligence, we’re reforming the way we search. Instead of only using keywords, we’re building a service where one could eventually use natural and colloquial language—and even pose questions—to find answers. And the more you use it, the better results Searchable.ai will return.

Less clicking and searching and tab-surfing means your time is better spent—not wasted. This saved time would grow exponentially in a larger organization. Slide decks could be found quickly and repurposed by colleagues. There’d be fewer emails about document locations. Projects would speed along. The cumulative effect of better leveraging information across the whole company would come at no extra cost to anyone’s productivity. 

The Future of Search

And on a personal level, getting time back allows you to spend it on more meaningful tasks, like connecting with your colleagues, taking a class to boost your skills, or just going for a walk because it’s nice out. However you use that time, Searchable is here to help you find what you need and do more with what you have.