Senior Research Scientist – Deep Learning/NLP

What you'll do

Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries of state-of-the-art deep learning models for conversational interfaces.

  • Partner with Chief Scientist to identify high-priority research areas to pursue
  • Integrate research directly into products and measure/optimize effectiveness
  • Interact and collaborate with other startups, advisors and industry experts
  • Publish notable findings in a peer-reviewed journal or conference proceedings

You will be part of the founding research team at Searchable, pushing the boundaries of language modeling in exciting new directions with NLU, NLG, dialogue modeling, and next generation collaborative interfaces. This role will draw upon a diverse set of skills and allow researchers the flexibility to pursue their own ideas for research topics and product integrations.

You are…

  • Infinitely curious and drawn to revolutionary, seemingly-impossible problems
  • Able to move between a diverse set of projects in a fast-paced environment
  • Excited about turning basic research into production software


  • Masters or PhD in computational science, e.g. CS, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, or a related field; or proven track record in industry NLP research
  • Experience implementing, training and deploying deep learning models for NLU, NLG tasks in production environments


Searchable is a new kind of Conversational Search engine for your work—leveraging patent-pending Neural Indexing technology to cut through the clutter and find the exact file, information, or answer you need, no matter where it’s stored.

Although headquartered in San Francisco, we’re open to a distributed workforce but prefer our teammates are based somewhere in the continental U.S.

To apply, send a resume & brief cover letter to