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Too many files in too many places?

Stop wasting 20% of your workweek clicking through emails, chats, cloud and local storage for the files you need. Introducing Searchable.ai - one search for all your files.

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Searchable.ai’s machine learning solution

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"a huge boost to knowledge workers" -TechCrunch

Unified search across local, cloud storage and apps

Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Slack, Dropbox, that one sticky note in that one Powerpoint—instantly search your hard drive and web apps in a single view.

Precise results with instant previews

Searchable pulls up the exact page containing the information you need. No more opening random documents and skimming.

Get specific with natural language search

Sometimes you’re not looking for a file, you need an answer that is somewhere in your files. In that case, just ask. For example, "What was our revenue projection last quarter?" or "When does our lease expire?" Searchable will find the answer.

I pulled up a single chart from a presentation our UX team gave a few weeks back—in a matter of seconds."

Hung Nguyen
Manager, Sales, Big Time Inc.

Instead of wasting hours each week finding the stuff I need, now I spend 20 seconds max.

Dean S.
Dean S.
Sr. Manager, Customer Success

Being able to preview a file is a game-changer. Unless you like clicking into every folder and opening every untitled document.

Travis H.
Travis H.
Account Executive

I pulled up a single chart from a presentation our UX team gave a few weeks back—in a matter of seconds.

Sarah P.
Sarah P.
Product Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Searchable AI?

Searchable.ai is a unified document hub that allows users to quickly search and access work documents across multiple devices, email providers, cloud services (Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, etc.) and productivity apps.

Who is Searchable AI for?

Searchable.ai is for anyone who’s had trouble finding a file or document. Not only does our platform bring multiple data sources together in one UI, we’ve also built our own search model that adapts to the preferences and tendencies of each individual user. We’ve made it easier than ever before to find what you are looking for.

How secure is Searchable AI?

User data and privacy is our top priority here at Searchable.ai. To date, Searchable.ai has achieved SOC II Type I certification and is audited annually. Searchable.ai has completed and passed audits by third-party security assessment firms [redacted] and Leviathan

Additionally, Searchable.ai has achieved all necessary OAuth certifications for each service provider integrated with the product.

Does Searchable AI sell my information and/or data?

No. Searchable.ai does not and will never sell or distribute any user data or information to third parties.

How easy is Searchable AI to set up?

Users can set up accounts and connect services with just a few clicks. Searchable.ai has achieved all needed third-party OAuth certifications, so connecting an account is as simple as signing into the services’ native OAuth sign-in form.

How much does Searchable AI cost?

We’re currently in beta, and offering users who sign up for our service by December 31, 2021 a year’s worth of Searchable.ai for free. After that, you’ll automatically lock in to a $35/year special rate for as long as you use Searchable.ai. Our typical pricing will start at $120/year for everyone else. For enterprise/team product details and pricing, please reach out to info@searchable.ai.